Style On 2nd now offers Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Once available only to Hollywood stars and other celebrities, Brazilian Keratin is now available to everyone at Style On 2nd!

Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary hair treatment designed to straighten natural curly hair and restore its natural shine and softness. This exciting new treatment is vastly different from most other hair straightening treatments you may have heard of. It’s less expensive, takes less time to have done, and can be performed on most any hair type. Best of all, Brazilian Keratin actually helps to improve damaged hair and makes it easier to manage!

Plus, unlike other forms of hair straightening, Brazilian Keratin doesn’t use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticles. Instead, the main ingredient in this exciting new treatment is keratin, a completely natural protein which comprises about 88% of your natural hair.

If you are seeking to restore the life, strength and natural beauty of your hair, then a Brazilian Keratin treatment is exactly what you are looking for. Call Chris to book your appointment today! (503) 228-2628